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Since 1978, the IB Roof System (a single-ply PVC roofing membrane) has had zero material failures. No matter the climate, from -30° C to +40° C, its uniquE reinforcement system allows expansion and contraction without damaging seams.


Your home or commercial building will stay cool on hot summer days with our light-coloured roofing membrane. It reflects up to 95% of solar radiation and compared to bitumen products, requires less fossil fuels to be produced.


Because of its extensive lifespan, the IB Roof system is a winner when it comes to long term savings. It can be installed over your existing roof, so you’ll also save money on labour and disposal.


You can’t beat the warranties that come with an IB Roof System: LIFETIME Transferable Residential Warranty & Up to 30-Year Commercial Warranty. And there is NO EXCLUSIONS to the warranty for standing water!


As flat roofing professionals, it’s our job to inform you of all your options and all potential issues that might arise during the roofing process. We ensure you know the cost of the work up front and what it may cost if any issues come up.


Unlike traditional roofing systems that use adhesives that degrade over time, the IB System is heat-welded, bonding all seams at a molecular level. Eliminating the use of adhesives makes the IB system highly durable, cost effective, and long lasting.

EVO Roofing completed our roof just yesterday. I am still astounded at the transformation 24 hours later - while most people showcase pictures of their kids etc, I am trying to figure out how we can show off our roof, I am so impressed!I should mention we live in an older home and have been faced with the hugely daunting task of replacing an old tar and gravel roof while at the same time addressing some big problems with the attachment of an addition made to the house five years ago - a trul...
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OUR SERVICES: Commercial & Residential Roofing

We specialize in Flat and Low-Slope roofing: complete repair and replacement service for Commercial and Residential Roofs in Greater Vancouver - Commercial and Residential!

With extensive experience in Residential (single-family homes), Commercial, and Strata (multi-family homes or condominiums) roofing, we work hard to find you the best option for your needs and believe that communication is always key.


"Commercial and Residential Flat Roofing (Repair or Replacement) - is a very unique process that should be taken seriously"

To ensure your satisfaction, we follow a tried and tested process to fix your commercial or residential roof:

1. Delivery and Set Up

2. Safety

3. Removing Old Roofing Material

4. Preparing Roof Deck

5. Adding Insulation

6. Installing IB Roof System

7. Accessories and Flashings

8. Any Additional Work?

9. The Job is Complete!

Stage 1

Delivery and Set Up

Once the start date is scheduled and confirmed, we deliver all materials on that start date, ensuring nothing sits on your property for weeks waiting for a crew to arrive.

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New Material
Stage 2


We take all necessary precautions to keep the jobsite safe not only for our employees but also for residents and visitors.

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Safety Fence
Safety Fence
Stage 3

Removing Old Roofing Material

One of the biggest advantages of an IB Roof System is that it can be installed over your existing roof. However, if for any reason your roof requires removal of old material before installation, you’ll know this up front.

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Old Material
Stage 4

Preparing Roof Deck

To achieve maximum performance and guarantee the lifespan of your new roofing system, we prepare your roof deck carefully and repair any damaged areas if needed.

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Stage 5

Adding Insulation

To improve the energy efficiency of your home or commercial building, additional insulation can be installed. If you currently have issues with standing water, we recommend tapered insulation, which directs all water to drains without it pooling on your roof ever again.

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Stage 6

Installing IB Roof System

All seams are heat-welded, using high temperatures (approx. 1200°F). The seams, instead of being “the weakest link”, actually become one of the strongest components of your new roof. With no open flame used, there’s also no risk of fire damage to your property.

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IB Roof System
Stage 7

Accessories and Flashings

Once the roofing membrane is attached to the roof deck and all seams are welded together to create a water-tight system, we then install other vital components: skylight flashings, roof deck drains, metal cap flashings, air vents, etc.

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Stage 8

Any Additional Work?

If needed, we can help you with any extras such as
• Replacing or adding new skylights
• Replacing old gutters and downspouts
• Repairing or replacing trim around the roof line (fascia board)

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Stage 9

The Job is Complete!

With your new roof in place, backed by our warranties, you can rest assured your assets will be protected for years to come!

Stage 9

The Job is Complete!

With your new roof in place, backed by our warranties, you can rest assured your assets will be protected for years to come!

Complete Jobs by Evo Roofing - Flat Roofing Contractor in Greater Vancouver

Flat and Low slope roofing - Commercial and Residential Roof repair and replacement in Lower Mainland

Areas We Serve: Commercial and Residential Flat Roofing

We provide Flat Roofing Services in the following cities: Vancouver; North Vancouver; West Vancouver; Burnaby; Richmond; Delta; Tsawassen; Langley; Surrey; Aldergrove; Coquitlam; Port Coquitlam; Maple Ridge; Port Moody; Pitt Meadows; Abbotsford; Hope and Chilliwack.

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  • PVC roofing membranes come in 6’ wide rolls. We attach the sheets to the roof deck by mechanical fastening (using screws and barbed steel plates) and then the sheets are welded together at 1200°F. There is no open flame involved; it’s simply ver... [Read More]
  • An average single family dwelling roof takes 1-2 days to complete. Multi-unit roofs (e.g. 60-80 units, 3-4 stories) takes about 1 week to complete. Large commercial/industrial roofs (30,000-50,000 sq. ft.) take about 2 weeks to complete. It depends o... [Read More]
  • PVC Roofs can last for 30-50+ years if installed properly, but this also depends on a lot of different factors; for example, the number of sunny days per year. Yes, sunny days not rainy – all roofing materials deteriorate much more in solar heat (U... [Read More]
  • The best time is when your roof hasn’t started leaking yet, but you know its life is coming to an end. Torch-On usually lasts for about 12-15 years in the Vancouver area, and Tar and Gravel is usually good for 20-25 years. If you know when your ori... [Read More]
  • We can only install PVC roofing systems on low slopes, AKA “Flat Roofs;” that’s what the material is designed for. A low slope means anything below a 3/12 pitch (approx. a 14° angle).... [Read More]
  • Lifespans – PVC Roofs last up to two times longer than Torch-On Roofs (we offer a lifetime warranty for residential and up to 30 year for commercial applications). Fire risks – PVC Roofs don’t use torches (open flame) during installation, ... [Read More]



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Well done job! Very efficient team! I like the result. Thank you!...
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